He bought a watch

A holographic multicoloured little watch

I brought it to him

It was a golden watch and acted like a virus



Another one


Cause I'm on the outside of time

They're all asleep

Its night time 

its my time

My baby's working fine


Signed photos

Blind faces

Try to affect me 

on the side car

My faces

Try to affect

Your sleep

Your words



All asleep

In your room

My time

While you're still breathing


The nuclear pink





1. "Taurig" is an anagram of "guitar," an instrument which is not evident on the track. There also seems to be a surname, albeit uncommon, "Taurig," although that seems unlikely to be relevant. There's also a Toureg tribe in Saharan Africa, and, as SDK points out, a Volkswagen Touareg...


Comments (5)

  • 1. SDK | 01/09/2016
"Taurig" is a model of Volkswagen vehicle
  • 2. bzfgt | 03/09/2016
It's actually Volkswagen "Touareg"
  • 3. Zack | 04/03/2017
"In your room / My time / While you're still breathing" sounds more like "In his room / My title / In his room, dreaming" to me.

There is a version of "Taurig" with vocals by MES which has been used as an intro tape at gigs. Lyrics include "Imperial wharf / Imperial stack," "the title was taken" and "the soiled words are corroding." I'll wait until I have a cleaner recording of this version before I attempt a complete transcription.
  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 19/03/2017
OK, I'll hang fire on this and maybe you can direct me to such a recording if you get it.
  • 5. Wrayx8 | 22/08/2017
Would love to hear that recording Zack.

I stand by a comment I made on the forum: I am certain that this is not an MES vocal (on the album version at least). I speculate it's actually Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars, who was an engineer on Imperial Wax Solvent.

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