Brillo De Facto



He got no man
Go straight
Brillo chin
In kitchen
Put a dunce

To kick himself
Tiny tears of bling
We all know 
Where he came from
Check this out--
Loves him

Brillo chin
Brillo chin

The Kennedy
The Kennedy
I asked her
He's here
I wanna tell
How pale he is
I said
He's got no legs

He got no man
Got no de facto plan
Brillo chin
Brillo chin
Got no plan
Little elf 

Tales of Brillo!

And the asphyxiation of the troll will finally be
All salute at the altar of filo pastry
At the altar of Kennedy, John
In Victoria Station
The James Fennings  (2)
And the infants
To suckle him


1.  This seems to have something to do with facial hair. It first appeared on setlists as "Brillo de Filo."


2. James Fennings also appears in the Peel session version of "Blindness." I am indebted to Smudger from the Fall online forum for unearthing the following information: 


And so we spent a day in the company of Marshall Jefferson, one of Bacardi’s ‘ambassadors’, who are on hand to take the great tracks that today’s up-and-coming talents have produced to the next level. The winner of the Bacardi Remix competition (in the funky house genre) was James Fennings of Prestwich, Manchester. James, already a tour DJ for The Fall for the best part of a decade in his non-house guise, won himself the chance to remix his track – which had been composed with elements laid out on the Bacardi DJ website – with Marshall’s fabled assistance. 


Prestwich is in Bury, in Greater Manchester, and is where MES hangs his hat.

Comments (5)

  • 1. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
This is the hardest Fall song yet to discern the lyrics of. There is speculation on the Forum about "Jacobson" but I only left that in because I can't get closer to what it is, I don't think that word is even in the song.
  • 2. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
I put something wrong in instead of Jacobson. My idea is it's better to have wrong ordinary words than a wrong proper name. I am willing to listen to any arguments made on behalf of "Jacobson" though.
  • 3. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
I may have violated my own principle with "Astor." "Kennedy" seems likely.
  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
Some of the transcriptions say "He got no mare" but the 'n' sounds distinct to me. I think I'm the only one who has "tears of bling," it might not stand.
  • 5. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
Deruntergeher's explanation for "Jacobson" is ingenious, though; now I hope we can put it in:

"'Jacobson' appears to refer to Max Jacobson, 'Dr Feelgood' of President Kennedy. Dr Feelgood being the Lee Brilleaux/brillo link."

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