Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s



Relevant in your leisure...
Jet lag...
Composite set year
The green jelly
Green jelly...

No, nevermore
Cab drive years
Are droopy
Same quality
Next, the jelly
Upwardly B.T. rises

There's grade is ell
Makes 10 copies
To his mother's spouse
She tortures him in big house
Don't forget that
Look at me, kids
Is relevant to your latent sex
and shock your lizard
And your lookalikey tears is relevant in your
His grade is 'F'
Makes 10 copies
His bored mother spouse 
Tortures him in big house

Get rid, need more sackings
Or up his post
His grade is 'F'
And makes 10 copies
His blonde mother spouts
Tortures him, in big house
Says we need more sackings
His grade is 'F'
Aids joke
Drink cognac upside down
Percussionist rests
Grade is 'F'
Percussionist retched
She yells, at every morn,
(message:) Get a job!

Daydream: gargoyles and drummers, a cuddly message
Get a job


The worst tale
That ever tell,
He's a nice man to have around,
He implodes on shelf, with someone else,
He's elf 
But just watch him
He is
He's raised elf on shelf

Like the 15 marrows that your votes
With Gene Kelly
Say through the clotted breath
And the clouds of synthetic and overpriced middle-men

Couples vs. must stay jobless
King of couples and closures
Must stay jobless
King of closures,
Couples vs. jobless

Couple 30-ish

vs. jobless


1. All very speculative--this will be amended


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  • 1. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
OK this is the most incomprehensible vocal yet

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