Stout Man



Jump that train school laughed
Jump on train that kids at school laughed

Time of defeat  
Time of disease
Time of deserts    (2)

I’m a big fat man pushing a little pram
I’m a big fat man pushing a little pram

Shut your trap skinny go or I'll shit in your brain ram it up your crack 
Shut your trap skinny go and shit your brain
Go and shit your brain   (3)

Big man big man big man push pram
Big man big man big man push pram

I’m a big fat man pushing a big pram
I’m a wide problem or a pot-bellied Elton John

I never did nothing ‘cept I’m only one
All my kids are behind Asiatic tech

Big man go push a fucking pram
Big man push pram

Hey shut your trap skinny go and shit your cram pram
Big man push pram
Big man push pram

Jump that train at school man
Jump that train and scoot back


1. This is highly speculative, watch this space for improvements.

The song is, musically, identical to "Cock in my Pocket" by the Stooges. On Sub-Lingual Tablet, the song is credited to "Iggy Pop/James Williamson." However, the lyrics are completely new, and in cases where MES has written new lyrics to existing music I have included the songs here; this is no less an original song than "Breaking the Rules," to give one example among several possible candidates. Certainly, there is a lot of grey area, and MES changes the lyrics of songs he covers virtually 100% of the time, so eventually I may get around to annotating everything they've recorded...

Here is the entry from Reformation on "Stout Man":

This is a cover of the Stooges' Cock in my Pocket, released on the Rubber Legs album in 1987.
Talk soon turns to a track from the album called “Stout Man” because, well it’s called “Stout Man” and it sounds like James Williamson-era Stooges as Mark barks about a fat man pushing around a pram. “That came about because the group are always going on about The Stooges and I’m a lot older than them, so I’m going like you don’t like the fucking Stooges. They think the Stooges is A/E/A/E and I said, you fucking do “Cock in my Pocket” [from the Stooges 1976 live album Metallic KO]. You know, they’re saying about the first Stooges album and I’m like don’t you fucking tell me about that, I bought it when I was 16. So, I said to them “alright then, cunt, learn “Cock in my Pocket”. Try and find that because I know it’s not on any of their LPs but of course they did because it’s on fucking ebay or something or they fucking shazammed it. So I said, learn it. It was a challenge.” The group took up the challenge, almost too much for Mark’s liking, “They’d been tricking me, they’d been sneaking back into the studio to keep tightening it up. I couldn’t catch them out but in a car on the way down to London I was looking behind the seat and there was this CD, covered in dirt, with the original rough mix of it. I made them use that; they’d been doing about eight or nine different versions of it, it was pathetic. They must have worked more on that song more than any other on the whole album.”


2. This would of course be a pun so I could have spelled it "desserts" with as much justification.

"Pledge" also mentions a "time of disease."


3. There is a difference of opinion here whether it's "brain" or "bran." I do not have a clue which one it is. Clearly the last time I listened to it I thought it sounded more like "brain," but that doesn't mean it's correct.   


Comments (26)

  • 1. Wrayx8 | 28/07/2015
Just after first two "big fat man" lines:

Shut your trap skinny or I'll shit it your bran, ram it up your crack-uh.
Shut your trap skinny, go and shit your bran.

  • 2. Wrayx8 | 30/07/2015
"Shit in your pram"
  • 3. nairng | 03/08/2015
Definitely "Shut your trap, skinny, go and shit your bran" to these ears. Bran is good roughage, keeps you regular, if you know what I mean.
  • 4. bzfgt | 08/08/2015
Gross but OK, it's probably right. I'll fix it up.
  • 5. bzfgt | 08/08/2015
This may surprise you but I suspect "Asiatic Seth" may not be right either. Too bad, it's my favorite line...
  • 6. bzfgt | 08/08/2015
Alas, Seth has been purged.
  • 7. Simon | 12/08/2015
I'm hearing 'crack' rather than 'peg'. Where'd 'peg' come from?
  • 8. bzfgt | 25/08/2015
Same place "crack" came from, someone's ears. In this case I think they were mine, and mine aren't that good, plus "crack" makes more sense, and finally I don't want to listen to it right now, so I'll take your word for it and change it.
  • 9. gizmoman | 25/10/2015
It's "I'm a wife problem of a pot-bellied Elton John" Elton once had a female wife of course, his current 'wife' has prams to push (or would have if they didn't have a nanny. Also check this out! Mini M.E.S. ha ha.
  • 10. Wrayx8 | 03/03/2016
"And my kids are behind asiatic tech" Is what I keep hearing.
  • 11. bzfgt | 19/03/2016
Why not?
  • 12. SCOTT | 25/04/2016
On some live versions of this he clearly says "stout man" in some lyrics instead of "big man" - but the pronunciation is so soft and hoarse sounding I wonder if originally he sang/wrote it to be STOUT MAN in lyrics but found it difficult to sing and changed in the studio to big man, in the studio version I only hear "big man" in the lyrics
very weird
the line about elton I hear as
"I'm a wide problem of a pot-bellied elton john" which I took as a diss on elton's current "wife" ;)
  • 13. dannyno | 29/04/2016
I guess it's natural, given the lyric, to think that stout=fat. And that's the most likely thing. However, I think it's worth recording that "stout" is also a dark beer, and so a "stout man" might also be someone who likes drinking stout. There's no textual reason to take this thought any further, but, you know...
  • 14. bzfgt | 19/05/2016's a shame that the granular level of accuracy it would take to distinguish "or" from "of" is completely beyond any of us at this point!
Mr. Nelson
  • 15. Mr. Nelson (link) | 04/05/2018
you are my new flavourite site!
bran it is not
it's BRAIN
MES doing his best Rod Stewart faux yankee accent!
  • 16. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
Thank you Mr. Nelson, and this seems obviously correct now you say it. Could others listen and weigh in, and people from the British Isles weigh in on the plausibility of this? "Shit your brain" seems WAY more likely now you mention it.
  • 17. dannyno | 17/07/2018
It's definitely "shit your brain". I wouldn't say it was a phrase I've come across very often, though, if at all. "Shit for brains", on the other hand...
  • 18. bzfgt (link) | 22/07/2018
Good, much better
  • 19. Simon | 09/02/2019
'Go and shit your brain' instead of 'bran'? Is this really the consensus? 'Go and shit your brain' is such a bizarre and meaningless, non-existent phrase and 'bran' is perfectly audible. . . I'm confused.
  • 20. dannyno | 21/02/2019
Comment #19, Simon: all I can say is that I'm hearing "brain" and not "bran". Given that, it seems moot to me whether the phrase is bizarre or meaningless or non-existent. But as always if others hear it differently they should say so.
  • 21. bzfgt (link) | 21/03/2019
I have no idea. For some reason I thought we'd replaced it with something else, I can't remember what I thought. "Brain" sounded right last time I checked, I'll revisit this issue soon.
  • 22. bzfgt (link) | 13/04/2019
For some reason when you search for anything on this site, the result is under the heading "Flat of Angles: (#) Result(s)." I honestly don't think it's anything I did because I can't think of why search results would be titled "Flat of Angles." Like you're searching through a mazy abode? But I only thought of that es post facto.

I need to get "bran" in the notes at least I guess. who the fuck knows what it really is.
  • 23. bzfgt (link) | 13/04/2019
I added a "bran" note. Since I won't figure it out anyway, I'm not going to subject myself to this racket again to try to straighten it out....
  • 24. dannyno | 18/05/2019
Isn't it "desserts", not "deserts"?
  • 25. bzfgt (link) | 07/06/2019
See note 2, it strikes me as a pun, so both/either. "Deserts" seems like the more likely straightforward spelling in context (as in "just deserts").
  • 26. bzfgt (link) | 07/06/2019
All kinds of broken links on these SLT songs...I hope it's only the SLT songs though, come to think of it, I don't know why it would be. Fuck!

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