Overture From "I Am Curious, Orange"


Kurious oranj
Kurious oranj
Yes, O yes
You're Bad News Girl
Bad News Girl
Hip hip hip hip hip
Bremen nacht
Dr Annabel Lies!  (1)


1. As befits an overture, the lyrics repeat the titles of other songs from the album. "Bremen Nacht" and "Frenz" are songs from the previous album, The Frenz Experiment (I Am Kurious Oranj includes a shorter variation of "Bremen Nacht" called "Last Nacht"), and "Dr. Annabel Lies" is a line from "An Older Lover Etc." This overture was apparently not played at any of the performances.  ^

Comments (3)

  • 1. Mark | 29/04/2014
Really not convinced that Brix sings "Bad News Girl".
  • 2. Simon | 03/09/2014
Brix definitely sings all these lines on the album...
Neil McNab
  • 3. Neil McNab | 28/11/2022
Was this Brix's hommage to...Rush?

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