Race Hatred



What yer gonna do when the blacks get you
What yer gonna do when the Pakis get you
What yer gonna do when the chinks get you
What yer gonna do when the commies break through

Yeah, race hatred...

What yer gonna do when the yanks get you
What yer gonna do when the klan get you
What yer gonna do when the Russians get yo
What yer gonna do when the niggers break through

What yer gonna do about it, who yer gonna shout about it
What yer gonna do about it, who yer gonna elect about it

Race hatred...

Listen to the shouts of Chile's dead
See those reds that are under your bed
Look at the poor, look at the nigger
Look at that gun and your finger on the trigger

Yeah, race hatred...

Race hatred...destroy race hatred

The national front are getting stronger
Not a joke any longer
Now the choice is up to you
Destroy those nazis before they do

Bring race hatred

Destroy National Front, destroy National Front

They don't want these people here
They don't want these people near
All of you rich, some of you poor
What's that knocking on your door?


1. There is no known recording of this song; according to Una Baines, however, the Fall played it often during her time with the band. The lyrics were printed in 1977 in a fanzine named Jolt, and reproduced in 1998 in Issue 14 of The Biggest Library YetFrom Reformation:

MES, in an interview with Chris Brazier ("United They Fall", Melody Maker; 31 December 1977) said: "You're not a very good songwriter if you can only write about one dimension of life. You have to write what you feel. One day you might be particulary angry at fascism, have a real gut reaction like you do when you go on pickets like we do. But there again, it's difficult to feel things when you're away from the original situation, it feels a little forced. Like 'Race Hatred', another of our songs - this lot want to rehearse it but I can't sing about racial hatred again and again till I get it right because I'd lose all feeling for it. And as lyrics they don't stand up on their own: the song only works when it's full of live feeling."

Indeed, the song, along with Hey Fascist! and Dresden Dolls, other stalwarts of the group's live set, were excluded from the debut album Live At The Witch Trials as MES sought to distance himself from agit-prop tracks in favour of more cryptic and impressionistic lyrics and sounds.

It's hard to deny that these lyrics lack much of the imagination and subtlety of a typical Fall number; it's not clear whether they were written by MES or by another band member (perhaps Baines, although she doesn't mention having written it in her interview with Reformation). 


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  • 1. dannyno | 25/08/2014
"National Front"

Perhaps worth noting for anyone outside the UK, that the National Front were/are a racist and fascist political party/pressure group/bunch of thugs. Founded in the late 1960s, by the late 1970s when these lyrics were written it had reached the peak of its influence and Rock Against Racism, for whom the Fall played several gigs, was one of the groups formed to oppose it. A useful overview is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Front_(UK)#Late_1970s:_riots.2C_in-fighting_and_decline
  • 2. Martin | 22/02/2023
There is now an available recorded (live) version of the song.
Mark Oliver
  • 3. Mark Oliver | 29/08/2023
Oh Gawd...when this lot were about, the letters 'NF' would appear in felt pen at bus stops- I would change them to 'Nazi Filth'...that showed 'em..

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