Das Boat


Das Boat



1. One of the Fall's weird-out tracks, this one is part mesmerizing psych-out and part kitsch. The title is a hybrid of German and English that, when put together, means "The Boat." In full German, this (Das Boot) is the title of a 1973 German novel by Lothar-Günther Bucheim and its 1981 film adaptation, written and directed by Wolfgang Peterson. A U-Boat is a submarine (German Unterseeboot, literally "under-sea boat"). 


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  • 1. dannyno | 02/03/2017
Specifically, "U-Boat" is an abbreviation of "Unterseeboot", German for, literally, "Undersea Boat". Wikipedia notes that while in Germany "U-Boat" means submarines generally, for British English speakers it would represent specificallly German military submarines. In English it's uncommon to refer to, say, British or American submarines as "U-Boats".
  • 2. bzfgt (link) | 03/03/2017
I am flabbergasted--I cannot believe I have let this stand for four years without specifying "Unterseeboot!"

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