Hands up, I can't do that
Wait till tomorrow
Pretends to think a lot
Not user friendly (2)

So when we go in a second
What does that mean to you?
You take her from the back
We're so respectable

But I'm entitled

Why can you not relax
When I'm behind you?
I don't make passes from the back
Is it something usual?

To be so entitled

Remember with this photograph
Take care of photograph
Drowned in plastic
You've got good reason to laugh

Give up, I can't do that
Wait until tomorrow
My reputation's in tatters
Where does that leave you?




1. An easygoing and understated song with simple but, as usual, enigmatic lyrics. MES: "It's about being friendly - not in the male, sexual sense, just friendly - to someone who didn't accept that."  


2. As far as I can tell this was a fairly new term at the time (1986); it was first applied to computers in the mid-70s, and began to be extended to other spheres in the early 1980s. Update: Danny has found an instance from 1972.


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  • 1. dannyno | 17/10/2013
"User friendly"

The earliest citation in Oxford Dictionary of English is from 1972. That's not necessarily the absolute first ever use, mind you.
  • 2. Zack (link) | 01/06/2016
In the interview linked above, MES states that "In fact, I wrote a couple of love songs for the new LP [Bend Sinister], but we didn't put them in because they didn't sound like us. They sounded like Buddy Holly!"

I believe that "Entitled" (later released as a b-side to "Hey Luciani") is one of those love songs. The drums are similar to those of "Peggy Sue."

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