Pittsville Direkt



No current is waned

Where it wants to go
Some are only happy
In the throes
Of bitter arguments
Ready and packed
To ride there by train ride
By plane ride
By walking
Or from the insides

I can't deal with Pittsville Direkt
I don't wanna go, Pittsville Direkt
No no no Pittsville Direkt
Yes yes yes Pittsville Direkt

Stood off the train platform
Crushed cig in cup
FDA regulation state (2)
Boarded at gate
Plane rides

I can't deal with Pittsville Direkt
I don't wanna trip to Pittsville Direkt
No love lost in Pittsville Direkt

And meanwhile
From New York to Skegness (3)
They don't ask your telephone silk

I don't wanna go, Pittsville Direckt
No no no no Pittsville Direkt
Please don't please Pittsville Direkt
Many a jest in Pittsville Direkt

By plane ride
By train ride
What are they doing at 230 Park West? (4)
Why have they got those masks on?

I wanna exit Pittsville Direkt
I'm correct about Pittsville Direkt
The citizens of Pittsville Direkt
Will be out scaring ghosts
Around midnight

Ride out to where the planets roam
Drive carefully! Mother-to-be on board

Boarding now from Pittsville Direkt


1. Reformation points out that there are Pittsvilles in Maryland and Wisconsin; I take it here to mean something like the slang use of "the pits," a drag or a bummer. However, like "The Steak Place" (for instance), this is definitely a song with an American setting.


2. The FDA is the American Food and Drug Administration.


3. Skegness is a seaside town in the eastern part of England that the Lyrics Parade calls "notoriously downmarket."


4. The Bolvar building in New York is at 230 Central Park West. It's not clear if this is the address he has in mind.


Comments (7)

  • 1. Martin | 12/02/2014
"FDA" = Food and Drug Administration?
  • 2. dannyno | 29/04/2014
I'm hearing "i don't wanna go Pittsville Direkt" throughout, rather than "go to..."
  • 3. Cajfh | 05/08/2019
@mes_ebooks prompted a look at the Pittsville lyrics. I never picked up on the Bmth ref despite buying this lp there on release

Is the bmth city park west lyric quoted anywhere officially? It sounds like bmth 30 park west to me?

Also , your telephone silk makes more sense as your telephone's ilk

  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 16/08/2019
I agree "ilk" makes more sense, but he pronounces "silk" I mean it's not mashed together or anythiing...it's definitely "30", not "City," though.
For the Record
  • 5. For the Record | 29/01/2021
Listening to the "What are they doing to Bournemouth 30 Park West?" line slowed down there's a definite if slight "at" then it sounds like "two hundred thirty park west" so "what are they doing at two hundred thirty park west?"
Corroboration - the live in Notts version here at 3.15
"What are they doing at two-three-oh Park West?"
If NYC then 230 Park West is The Bolivarhttps://www.cityrealty.com/nyc/central-park-west/the-bolivar-230-central-park-west/review/894
  • 6. Todd | 10/02/2021
There is a major airport in Pittsburgh, a real shit town.

That's all I know.
  • 7. bzfgt (link) | 07/03/2021
Yes, you're right, I don't think there's any "Bournemouth"

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