Wrong Place, Right Time



Wrong place right time
I used to think I could do what I wanted to
Right time for me alone
Walk the streets of complete full homes

Wrong place, but I'm bound
To stick with what I intend to see through
See you, in wrong place
Right time but there's miles in between

I keep on knocking but there's no bugger in
I have to sing gothic, boo hoo

See me, a new reign
A new reign not to be forgotten
Right place, right time
Right time and Britain is mine
That day, on way
And all peasants will know Oranj (2)

Peasants smile: big shine
Very happy under rule of Oranj
You can whine under rule of Oranj

Mike Clark: sez I bastard (3)
He is deranged, I am William of Oranj
Go insane in Holland!
I can't wait to taste anthrax turf again (4)
Big Wren: homage Oranj  (5)
I am Oranj I have paid dues to the one
Who's #1 in heaven
As in Heaven so in Britain
(By Oranj I am Oranj I am one)

Can't dance can't sing
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Can't dance can't sing
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Can't dance can't sing
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Can't dance can't sing
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Cursed forever is William of Oranj
Cursed forever is William of Oranj


1. The riff here somewhat resembles "Gloomy" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which may be a coincidence. In 1973, Dr. John scored a hit with a song with the same title, although musically and lyrically there is no resemblance.  ^

2. The William of Orange theme of I Am Kurious, Oranj is loosely woven into many of the songs on the album, and in many ways this song seems to nod to it without succumbing entirely.   ^

3. Michael Clarke is the ballet dancer and choreographer whose ballet, I Am Curious Orange, was the occasion for the composition of much of the music on the Fall's soundtrack album I Am Kurious Orange.  The Fall played live behind the dancers.  ^

4. Saith Wikipedia, "Anthrax is an acute disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis." There isn't any obvious connection to Holland, or to William of Orange.  ^

5. This could be a reference to Christopher Wren (1632-1723), a contemporary of William III, who hired Wren to remodel Hampton Court Palce. Wren also helped to design Kensington Palace, which had been begun during William's regime, although his involvement seems to have begun after the monarch's death.   ^

Comments (10)

  • 1. Robert | 02/05/2013
"Can't dance, can't sing / Cursed forever"

Possibly refers to William being asthmatic all his life.

  • 2. dannyno | 24/07/2014
"Mike Clarke"

It'll be "Mike Clark", won't it?
  • 3. dannyno | 15/03/2015
Wrong Place Right Time seems to have been wrongly allocated to the Wonderful and Frightening World... album....
  • 4. bzfgt | 28/03/2015
I figured the time was right...
  • 5. Gus (link) | 13/10/2015
From the viewpoint of reactions to Orange Marsh in Northern Ireland in July, the "Cursed forever ..." describes some significant political backgrounds.
  • 6. bzfgt | 23/11/2015
Gus, could you expand on that comment a little?
  • 7. bzfgt | 23/11/2015
And do I take you correctly to mean "Orange March"? I know nothing of "Orange Marsh"...
  • 8. dannyno | 01/01/2017
"can't dance, can't sing".

I wonder if MES had been listening to Pete n Dud?


(sings and plonks piano:) #Oh, I can't sing and I can't dance 'n' anything else as well!

A red herring, most likely.
  • 9. bzfgt | 04/01/2017
Yeah, I was always reminded of Phil Collins....but I just googled it and MES got there first, at least before that particular slice of dreariness.
  • 10. Martin | 21/03/2017
"Can't dance, can't sing": this is slightly reminiscent of an opinion expressed after an early screen test by Fred Astaire ( “Can’t act. Slightly bald. Can dance a little”).


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