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[Could do with a fucking chorus, that's the main fucking thing, innit?...] (1)

It dim-a-nim sim choo-boy

[Eleni: Those mou kati / those mou ena komati]  (2)

It started one afternoon
When the LP came on
It erased the brain of the man we held dear
Now we have to make sure
The estate and sound
And we have to make sure
The estate and sound

It started
It started one afternoon
It started too soon
It erased the brain of the man we all held dear
Now we have to make sure
It is safe and sound today 

And the dormant channel of review
Would be a corpse again
We have to ensure
The dormant channel of review

A permanent irritant
Permanent gasp for breath in town
Change from way to chest to...
...gasp for breath in with a tenth
Of whatever 
ha ha Wray composite (3)
I make truck with porcelain
I make truck with porcelain (4)

That done timmy song (5)


1. MES, in Vulture, an online satrap of New York Magazine:

One of the producers — I won’t name him — but he said, "What we need is verse-chorus-verse-chorus." I said, "That’s it, go home."


2. "Gimme something/Gimme a piece." Both the transcription and the translation are by Simon from the comment section. 


3. Maybe this is a reference to Link Wray; on the other hand, maybe it's "ray." And cathal below points out what, somehow, didn't occur to me: that it could refer back to "Sir William Wray," or to Sir William Wray, for that matter. The context is not very helpful in this regard, and there is no particular reason, for that matter, to think that these lyrics are intended to be meaningful.


4. I don't know what this means; it suggests trading in porcelain, as "truck" is business or traffic. For vague reasons, this line reminds me of "I dont make rice with screwdrivers/Or fried chicken with a trowel" from "Mexico Wax Solvent."


5. Tim Presley, the former Fall guitarist, co-wrote and appears on some of the songs on Re-Mit, but not, apparently, this one. The lyric here may be something more grammatical than I have it above, but that's the best I can make it out.


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Comments (12)

  • 1. cathal | 24/03/2014
'Wray composite' could also be some kind of reference to Sir William Wray, perhaps.
  • 2. Simon | 11/04/2014
You have left out Eleni's vocal track:

'Those mou kati / those mou ena komati'
'gimme something / gimme a piece'.
  • 3. dannyno | 25/11/2018
"Porcelain" could refer to urinals.
  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 15/12/2018
Yeah but also other things too it could be
  • 5. PTSN | 29/06/2019
"Truck with porcelain" - could MES have been watching tv again? I remember watching a programme that was literally contestants in trucks filled with porcelain (or other earthenware) and the winner was the one who broke the least on mountain roads. I think this may have been called "IRT: World's Deadliest Roads", which was made in 2010.
  • 6. bzfgt (link) | 03/07/2019
That is great! I hope it was influenced by that!
  • 7. bzfgt (link) | 03/07/2019
I can't find any documentation on it, anybody? I want to use this one!
  • 8. PTSN | 17/07/2019
I can't find anything about the series except was positively reviewed in the New York Times and first broadcast in 2010. I honestly can't see any link to rest of the lyrics. It's wild speculation really. One source describes the cargo as "ceramics".

The phrase "make truck with" means "enter into a pact with". Often in the phrase "make truck the devil" or "with the enemy". It would be classic MES to start with a literal "truck with porcelain" and mangle it into being in sinister league with porcelain.
  • 9. bzfgt (link) | 09/08/2019
I think "truck" is more general than a pact, just any kind of traffic with.

Do you have a link to the NYT thing or anything that documents this show existed? It is cool enough to use even if tenuous...
  • 10. Xyloplax | 21/08/2019
Hah, I always thought "Those mou kati / those mou ena komati" was "False move: Cardiff. False move (unintelligible)" and assumed it was some footie reference to offsides or something. This is what I get for not knowing a word of modern Greek apart from curses and menu items :D
  • 11. Ted | 19/02/2020
Could "I make truck with porcelain" an allusion to "driving the porcelain bus" (i.e. vomiting)?
  • 12. dannyno | 06/03/2020
This is the show PTSN has in mind (comments #5 and #8):


But it wasn't a contest of the kind described. It's more of a reality thing, though possibly some of it seems a bit contrived.

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