Black Roof



Why don't you face up to it (2)
if I was you
I'd never dig in your rooftop
If I was you (3)

Up from the brook, drug from the hills
Into your present delectation
You simply cannot prove your fog-accenting notions
you cannot prove your ragged affectations
all of you with your pals in desperation
Easter island profile and care from old inwardly truck land (4)
You're cowardly!
if I was you, I would not smile at present situations

If I was you, I'd never
If I was you, dig in the roof top
if I was you, I'd never dig in the roof


1. This seemingly began its life as "Black Door." Big difference between a roof and floor, but I guess Einstein showed that this sort of thing is all relative, as was confirmed by Sir Arthur Eddington, after Einstein himself was unable to prove his fog-accenting notions...

One possible intepretation of what Damo Suzuki is singing on "Halleluwah" is "Searching for my black door..." That's what I hear him saying as often as not, but the lyrics sources online all have either "black dope" or "brother." It is entirely possible he's not saying anything in English at all, or maybe not even in any known language. But it is possible that MES hears it like I do and that inspired the name. Not necessarily likely, mind you, but possible...

This was written with Tim Presley and Rob Barbato, formerly of Darker My Love and The Fall (they were the ones who came after the traitors, liars and cunts, if you recall), and the latter two are said to have played all the instruments. 

Thanks to The BEF for transcribing this. 


2. I will gladly face up to it, MES--I have no idea what these lyrics are about. 


3. Some important trivia from Martin:

"By the way, as far as I can make out from Dannyno's concordance, MES never uses the 'if I were' variation of the conditional, preferring the slightly more colloquial (but no less correct) 'if I was' construction." "If I were..." is in the subjunctive, which is not mandatory, according to Martin. I'm no expert but I don't have an objection to "if I was..." either...if I were William Safire, I'd be watching this page intently to determine if the language is evolving...


4. There is also a reference to Easter Island in H.O.W.



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Comments (8)

  • 1. dannyno | 12/05/2015
"Easter Island profile".

The second reference to Easter island in the Fall canon, after H.O.W.
  • 2. Martin | 02/06/2015
Something makes me unsure about the word "drug".It sounds - and the context of the words before might seem to confirm this - more like a verb - "drugged" maybe, not necessarily in the sense of intoxicated in some way, but a variation of "dragged"? But this is all guesswork, and I'm probably way out.
  • 3. Martin | 02/06/2015
By the way, as far as I can make out from Dannyno's concordance, MES never uses the "if I were" variation of the conditional, preferring the slightly more colloquial (but no less correct) "if I was" construction.
police truck
  • 4. police truck | 09/06/2015
You simply cannot prove your...
  • 5. bzfgt | 17/07/2015
Thanks, copper, that is better. Is "fog-accenting" right? I have my doubts about it...
  • 6. Zack | 18/03/2017
It hardly fits with the sentiment of the rest of the lyrics, but I hear "I love you" at 1:29.
  • 7. bzfgt (link) | 23/03/2017
It sounds like "if I love(d?) you," though, which is different. Unless it's "(If) all of you" again.
  • 8. Basmikel | 13/06/2018
I always figured the black roof to be space, and the narrator an alien warning us not to explore ("dig") it further, or else...

Up from the brook: Life on Earth began in the sea
Drug(/dragged) from the hills: Urbanization
"Fog-accenting" notions: could be either religious or scientific. Before I read it here I thought of it as "fog-ascending" because it reminds me of the old notion of man's place in the universe being between animal and deity, striving upwards.

This warning brings R Totale to mind, but I can't remember from where.

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