Second House Now



There's ghosts
I get a lift on highway
WM dot C
Where ya been?
Where ya going, man? (this is reply)
Nowhere to go, this is his reply:
Ghosts are rising
Coming down
He shall return--
He's coming back!

He said I'm going to a big city
My image, black and white
Said he's going to big city
My image, black and white
The tearing of muscle years

Sword of Mexico
It's sword is real!

I'm going to big city
My mirage: black and white
Sword of Mexico
And it's spirit-like
New facts emerge!

The city lights used tonight in
Come chew you up
I'm going big city
My image in black and white
Come on! Come on!
Everybody come on with me!

Down on the street (2)
We're rising really
Within, rising really!
Circle sails around

Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on
Going to the big city
Come on! Come on! 
Everybody come on with me!
Tearing of muscle years
Black and white!


1. Thanks to Buy Kurious!, on whose transcription this is based.


2. "Down on the Street" is opening track on the Stooges' Funhouse which, as Zack points out, MES has cited at least once as his favorite album.


Comments (13)

  • 1. bzfgt (link) | 05/08/2017
I find "muscle years" doubtful; some of the rest of this is refreshingly easy to discern...some, I say.
  • 2. bzfgt (link) | 05/08/2017
I feel like if "muscle years" weren't implanted from the original transcription, I might hear something different...I can't quite touch it.
  • 3. Zack | 05/08/2017
"Down On The Street" is the opening song on The Stooges' Fun House which MES has called his favorite album of all time.
  • 4. gizmoman | 06/08/2017
Sword of Mexico
his sword is red (bloody i guess)

The 'muscle' line seems to me to be 'the tearing of muscle years', there is a fashion at the moment for bodybuilding / big muscles. To get big muscles you have to tear the muscle fibres which then heal and enlarge. Usually done by progressive weight training.
  • 5. dannyno | 06/08/2017
Comment #4: Weird echo of MES's contribution to the "Sex, Drugs & HIV" compilation, finally released after many years in 2012:

The MES track is titled "Blow Up Muscles".

Discussion on the FOF:
  • 6. Wrayx8 | 22/08/2017
"My mirage: black and white"

I hear that as "My mirror's black and white," which perhaps fits more snugly with "my image" elsewhere.
  • 7. Wrayx8 | 11/09/2017
"The tearing-of-muscle years?"
Philo G.
  • 8. Philo G. | 12/09/2017
"I couldn't left on highway" sounds like "I get a lift on highway," making a bit more sense that way.
  • 9. bzfgt (link) | 16/09/2017
Yes, I buy "tearing" more than "terror," good show.
  • 10. bzfgt (link) | 16/09/2017
Great, definitely "get a lift."
  • 11. bzfgt (link) | 16/09/2017
Tricky one--it sounds like "mirror's" but still more like "mirage." Maybe a live version can break the tie?
  • 12. Brendan | 22/09/2017
I hear "mirage" clear as day. He delays uttering the soft G sound at the end of the word but I'm convinced it's mirage. It's also an approximate rhyme with image, or at least ends in the same letters. Seems like a classic MES switcheroo.
  • 13. bzfgt (link) | 28/09/2017
Good point, Brendan, that would fit his MO. I'm still more convinced by "mirage."

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