The first one you can hear:
Peter. (2)

Kiddies, as we get older
We have to try and understand
People who are different from us
Peter is one of these people

In his hands is a guitar,
Why don't you try some of it yourself?

At least, unlike Peter,
You wont twitching all over the F- frets 
That's what they're called on the guitar... (3)

Behind nasty noise Peter, here he is now...

David, warrior (4)
Warrior of the dark forest

And the reason:
It is not just that they
Live in the dark
Or their emperor
Cunliffe has made them play (5)

Only then can they 
Be free from the dark wood

Trapped on the altar of Konk. (6)


1. The lyrics are presumably improvised, or mostly so, in the ad hoc piss-take tradition of "Crew Filth" and "Insult Song." The music seems to be indebted to Cluster's "Rote Riki."


2. Pete Greenway, the Fall's full-time guitarist since 2007.  


3. They are usually just called "frets," although the first fret on the first and sixth string sounds the note 'F' in standard tuning.  But the 'F' is not a stutter, he pronounces the word 'eff.' John, in the comment section, suggests it may be "f-rets."


4. Dave Spurr is the bass player for the Fall; his tenure roughly coincides with that of Greenway. See "Like to Blow," "A Spurs fan, a warrior..."


5. Grant Cunliffe, who is known by his pseudonym Grant Showbiz, is a frequent Fall collaborator beginning with 1979's Dragnet and is credited as an engineer on Re-Mit. MES pronounces the 'e' on the end of the name here.


6. Re-Mit was partly recorded at Konk Studios, a facility built, owned and managed by the Kinks since 1971.  


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Comments (7)

  • 1. John | 23/08/2013
The "F-frets" thing may be "f-rets", as MES likes to alternatively pronounce words (like "etc" in Slags, Slates, etc or leg-end in What About Us).
  • 2. dannyno | 22/04/2014
I'm hearing "their emperor, Cunliffe, has made them play ", rather than "... he has made them play".

I think MES is pronouncing "Cunliffe" with an exaggerated "e" at the end
  • 3. bzfgt | 23/04/2014
Change approved.
  • 4. dannyno | 24/04/2014
Typo alert!

  • 5. bzfgt | 13/05/2014
  • 6. Martin | 30/12/2015
I'm wondering if the reference to "warrior of the dark forest" has anything to do with the "Warriors" series of fantasy books, written by (pseudonym for four writers) Erin Hunter:

I have absolutely no evidence for this theory, however.
  • 7. bzfgt | 05/01/2016
Good question though, all the relevant words are there...

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