Das Katerer



And dad will keep you warm
And mam will keep you warm
And in the smash
Stick with me, stick with me
I am the caterer
I am the caterer
I am the caterer


I deal chips from the left
Chicken and chips off the bone
I offer up all on the menu
Stick with me, stick with me
I am your caterer
I am your caterer
I am the caterer

And with the finest grain solution
No dogs allowed
Get out of my house
I am not your mother
Stick with me
Stick with me
I am your caterer
I am your caterer


1. This brings back the classic "Free Range" riff; in fact, it uses "Free Range" as a backing track (Zack). An alternate version of this appears as "The Caterer" on MES solo effort The Post Nearly Man. In the 1990s, MES played a caterer in two movies by Mark Aerial Waller: Glow Boys and Midwatch. The former deals with nuclear power workers, while the latter is set just after Operation Mosaic, a British nuclear weapons test off Australia. Although I have not seen either, MES reportedy sings this in Glow Boys.



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  • 1. Mark | 03/07/2014
Tiny change: "I offer all on the menu" ---> "I offer up all on the menu"
  • 2. Zack | 17/02/2017
"Das Katerer" and "The Caterer" don't just share lyrics; they're alternate versions of the same song, and it's not just the "Free Range" riff; it's the entire "Free Range" backing track (either on DAT or MiniDisc) which The Fall always used when performing the song live. In this interview - http://thequietus.com/articles/08568-the-fall-mark-e-smith-record-collection - MES expresses admiration for Big Youth for reusing backing tracks for different songs, which apparently is typical in reggae music.

MES even sings "The Caterer" in Glowboys according to Paul S. on Fall News - http://thefall.org/news/991210.html - but as for audiovisual proof, we only have this excerpt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghh2vlPU2Tk
  • 3. bzfgt | 18/02/2017
What the fuck is "Glowboys"?
  • 4. dannyno | 18/02/2017
See: http://www.markaerialwaller.com/glowboys.html
  • 5. bzfgt | 25/02/2017
Wow, I actually say what Glowboys in the note and I didn't even notice last week when I amended the note! That is pathetic. I get loopy doing these notes all night...
Chris Browning
  • 6. Chris Browning | 24/04/2018
You are aware this song is a plot point in Steve Aylett’s absurdist masterpiece, Lint?
  • 7. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
No what is the story with that?
Bart Pierson
  • 8. Bart Pierson | 03/07/2022
Chicken and chips off the bone.
Mark Oliver
  • 9. Mark Oliver | 13/09/2023
Caterer/chicken and chips/menu/finest grain...very foody imagery, so could 'the smash' be Smash Instant Mashed Potato? Alright, I'm only asking...

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