Trust in Me

Trust in Me


Their dentist, your superlative (2)
The story
You can talk to me in all confidentiality
Trust in me
I am Doctor Lee
After you've left the surgery
Don't you worry I will come round your house for tea
Trust in me Dr Lee
Messengers endure being given gifts every 3 months
If you need an x-ray (Trust in me) I will come to your house and do it for free (Dr Lee)
After you've left surgery Don't you worry I'll come around to your home For a cup of tea Trust in me (Dr Lee)
Messengers enjoy being given gifts Every 3 months
And if you need an x-ray I'll come round to your house And do it for free
Billy Ding Kenny and Phil Billy Ding Kenny Phil


 1. Studio hands Simon "Ding" Archer, Billy Pavone, Kenny Cummings and Phil Schuster (the latter two from a New York band called Shelby) supply the vocals on this track, and although I'm not sure who the main lead vocalist is, one of them seems to hit it a bit more than the others. The vocals do make one miss MES, but at the same time they fit the song, which is a lot of fun, albeit an odd way to end an album which also opens oddly.

The song came together spontaneously in the studio. According to Ben Pritchard:

That album was recorded live.  Y’know, there was very, very few over-dubs.  The band went in and recorded, Mark went in.  We did that in New York, that was three weeks work, that was a good session.  But as far as the writing’s concerned, sometimes we’d go in the studio and Protein Protection’s a good example.  That was on the day, just started out as a bit of a jam.  We needed a new song and that’s what came out of it.  Trust In Me off FHR was done the same, but most of the songs are done individually.  I mean, we hand ‘em in, Mark has a listen to them, either he says, “Yeah, I’ll have it,” or “No, go back and give me another one”.

And Reformation reproduces the following information about the song:

As for the guest vocal appearances, this is what Kenny Cummings and Phil Schuster had to say on a now defunct website:
"Shelby arrived at the Gigantic Music offices this evening to sign their recording contracts. Celebration was in the air. Hanging out in the lounge of the recording studio were Mark E. Smith and Elena Poulou of The Fall (who were there recording their new album for Narnack Records, using the beautiful facilities known as Gigantic Recording Studios).

Enjoying a break from recording their parts, Mark and Elena were happy to join in the signing ceremony acting as official witnesses. One thing led to another, and before the ink was dry, Kenny and Phil were in the recording studio adding vocals to one of the new Fall tracks. Mark christened the song Kenny and Phil and Billy and Ding also commemorating vocals added by engineer Billy Pavone and producer Dingo. We don’t know if the track will make the album, but it was a fun experience."



2. It's never a good feeling to be uncertain about the lyrics I'm printing, but it's particularly vexing when it's the first line of a song that's in question. This sounds like it could be something like "Wear down 'cause your're superlative," which doesn't make sense...maybe "We're down 'cause you're superative?" It makes a little more sense, though it doesn't really fit in context...


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  • 1. Mark | 03/07/2014
The first line, to me, sounds like "Their dentist: your superlative".
  • 2. Zack | 01/03/2017
"gifts every 3 days" should be "gifts every three months" both times.

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