Pre-MDMA Years



The pre-non-MDM and Jet years (2)
The post...
The post net also DMA years also DMA years
The MDMN years
The pre-black eye and the tears of today years (3)
The post net also DMA years
Me years
The MDMN years
The pre-black eye and the tears of today years...
Thanks E. Stacy the present child of yours you prove for own child years (4)

The bone seraton unconnected composite years (5)
The main years
Like the orc marrow gone down green jelly mama  (6)
Your kid brother than your years
Thanks E. C. Stacy the present child of yours you prove for own child years

The honey is stuck on back years
The bone serration unconnected composite years
And child years
In time


1. MDMA stands for 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, the chemical name for the empathogen commonly known as "ecstasy" or, in powdered form, "molly." Ecstasy was a large part of the "Madchester" scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s, a scene which MES largely distanced himself from, and a drug which he has expressed disdain for, saying "I particularly object to ecstasy. It’s a horrible drug, sub par to acid." In the late 1980s he even left Manchester altogether: “That’s why I moved to Scotland. It’s true. I’d rather drink whisky, thank you very much. I don’t relate to other groups. I never have. I don’t relate to a lot of musicians to be quite frank. I don’t relate to anything from Manchester and I never saw us as anything like that.” 


2. Maybe a reference to Jet records; Jet released albums by Roy Wood Jeff Lynne, and ELO; the Fall would cover songs by both Wood and Lynne. The Fall released Light User Syndrome on Jet in 1996, which was presumably "post" MDMA years, or in any case certainly not "pre-."  



3. Some of these lyrics also appear in "Victrola Time."  


4. I take it that the name "E. Stacy" (and E.C. Stacy further down) is meant as a pun on "ecstasy."


5. "Seraton" isn't a word but it looks and sounds a bit like "serotonin," a neurotransmitter that ecstasy causes to be released in high levels in the brain. Chronic MDMA use can also lead to serotonin depletion, which may cause depression. The effect on serotonin levels on the bones is not known for sure, but certain experimental results seem to suggest that serotonin influences the loss of bone mass associated with osteoporosis. 


6. Dr. X O'Skeleton points out that "jellies" are temazepam, a benzodiazapine or sleeping tablet that is used recreationally. According to The Independent, from September 13, 1995, "'Jellies' Have Ruined Thousands of Lives." And a Google search suggests that they are indeed often green. 

On the other hand, artist Erick Main designed a mask called an "Orc Marrow Biter" that is green, and he posted this on January 4th, 2013...thee first appearance of this song was in May, so it sneaks iin. If the "orc marrow biter" is an older concept than that, I haven't found it...the two ideas ("jellies" and orc marrow biter) could coincide here, but who knows? 


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Dr X O'Skeleton
  • 1. Dr X O'Skeleton | 24/02/2020
"green jelly". Jellies was the uk slang for temazepam capsules which were green and white, a drug similar to diazepam aka valium, tchh! tchh!
  • 2. bzfgt (link) | 14/03/2020
That's good, I hope you're right because otherwise it's not clear what it's doing in the lyrics
  • 3. dannyno | 22/10/2020
Green jelly also mentioned in Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s

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