Pearl City


In Pearl City (1)
Pearl City
No-one knows, no-one cares
about your world of stocks and shares

I don't need no riding crop
I don't need no roundabout stop

You're welcome to Pearl City

See the bank 
Bright white trains
You old coots
retired early

At Pearl City
In Pearl City

Cappuccino and a slice of quiche
It's salad for the new educated 'teach'
Everything is gonna work out fine
They're sleepin' us in the lec-lecturer line
In Pearl City

In Pearl City

Ye over-counter drugs
Have left you totally bushwhacked

In Pearl City

We asked Vauxhall drivers
what they wanted from a garage
Did ya? Did ya? (2)

At service center on the Rock (3)

Pearl City

I don't need a bird beggin at my knees
I don't need no riding crop
I don't need no roundabout stop

(Are you on the ball?)



1. The general consensus is that this song is titled after a Chinese restaurant in Manchester called Pearl City. However, it seems obviously wrong to say that the song is "about" the restaurant, which doesn't serve quiche, among other reasons.

Julia Nagle has confirmed the Chinese restaurant hypothesis (on Fallnet):

"I'll verify that, that was the inspiration for the song, and is/was 
MES's fave Chinese restaraunt..."


2. "Touch Sensitive" from The Marshall Suite was later used in a Vauxhall commercial.


3. The Rock is a shopping area in Bury. According to DJ Ash, there was a Vauxhall dealership and service centre on The Rock in Bury (Auty and Lee's, until 1996). Vauxhall used to have that line as a tag line on their adverts.

In "Pat-Trip Dispenser," the line "There are no big shots on the Rock" (whose primary reference is of course to Alcatraz) may also place Pat, whom we first meet at a service center ("petrol shop"), in the same location, as Danny suggests below.


Comments (10)

  • 1. dannyno | 18/09/2013
"At service center on the rock"

"The Rock" is a shopping street/centre area in Bury. I reckon this is the same Rock as is mentioned in Pat-Trip Dispenser.
  • 2. dannyno | 01/02/2014
Julie Nagle confirms Chinese restaurant theory in FallNet posting, 2002:
  • 3. bzfgt | 12/02/2014
Shit, Danny, nothing shows in that link for me. Could you copy and paste it here?
  • 4. Martin | 27/02/2014
I think Dan has forgotten that it's a restricted group, so if you're not a member. I am, so what the post says is:

"I'll verify that , that was the inspiration for the song, and is/was
MES's fav Chinese restaraunt........ as no other bugger will.
annnd Hannah.. my middle name is Mary..cooo, (not first born
  • 5. Martin | 27/02/2014
Please ignore the crap grammar in the post above. More importantly, just wanted to say that I'm sure that there are quite a few snipbits of info in the Fallnet archives, a message forum which hit peaks of around 2,000 posts a month before The Fall Online really got going but which now is lucky if the post count reaches 100 per month. Problem is knowing where to look for this info: you don't even know if there's a needle at all to be found in the haystack.
  • 6. bzfgt | 11/03/2014
What's all the Hannah/Mary stuff?
  • 7. Martin | 11/03/2014
Probably a reply to another fallnet post which I included in the quote above for some reason. Don't think it has anything to do with the song itself.
  • 8. DJAsh (link) | 22/01/2018
"We asked Vauxhall drivers what they wanted from a service centre on The Rock"
There is (or certainly was in the 90s) a Vauxhall dealership and service centre on The Rock in Bury.
Vauxhall used to have that line as a tag line on their adverts.
  • 9. dannyno | 11/02/2018
Comment #8. The dealership was probably Auty & Lees. Their registered address was "284 The Rock, Bury".

They were still listed at that address in Key British Enterprises, 1994.

Companies House ( indicates that Auty & Lees lasted from 1930-1996.

However, records from 1984 indicate that by then the business was part of Vantage Garages (Bury) Ltd, run by the Bowie family. It was part of the "Vantage Group". At the end of 1996, the name was formally incorporated under Vantage Garages.

And then March 2007, they became Perrys Bury Ltd.

One of the former directores of Auty & Lees died in January 2017, aged 89:

One of the partners in the original firm was Harold Riley "Ginger" Lees - a speedway champion. I think the other was maybe Charlie Auty. Very interesting, but by the time this song was written the business was clearly in other hands.
  • 10. dannyno | 19/02/2018
Apparently more or less the same tune as the also-Burns-penned "Let Go" by Thirst (1988):

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