Medical Acceptance Gate



I worked for future salary the nightshift
In Spalding Street. The respect is worth it.
1 AM at the front gate it had just been
Sunday night stood this man, tall and twisted back.
He spoke loud and said
Come out of there that
Grill on the wall contains a crowd and
That twisted shape you call the
Laundry post reminds me of my origin
Your criss-crossed fences are avenues 
Paid for by the NHS, you need it more than (2)
The patients for mortgage fees and medical pranks

But you wont fix my quartz chip
Or repair my broken kind
Kindness bornw of mousy brain
Twisted with kin of bitter world
Vicious dreams of EC1 (3)
And lapland girls and green purse
With tall and chaste inductments (4)

the porter went to move the man
and we got back to practice time
but his hands went through the man
he was made up of liquid pitch
his legs two propeller sticks
crisscrossed fence posts were his eyes
his mouth red like a twisted reich
his mouth like a twisted knife
he reeked of bleach and hospitals
he reeked of bleach and hospitals
the porter swears this is true
he reeked of bleach and hospitals
the porter swears this is true
and drinks too much in his brown and white hut
but the thing clings to the acceptance gate
the thing clings to the acceptance gate
the thing clings to the acceptance gate
the thing clings to the med. acceptance gate
and nobody says he's seen it
It only bounces young MDs
we are dedicated to fight disease
to fight disease


1. Here is what Reformation has to say:

Fall outtake presumably dating from 1983, though for some reason its second official release was on the Slates reissue album. Certainly one of the group's more weird offerings, but definitely not throwaway. According to the editor of this website,  it has a "Manchester Royal Infirmary" feel about it....Edwardian /victorian buildings nestled south of the City Centre guarded by jobsworths.....kobolds and gremlins roaming the environs There may be a link to Peter Hammils' "Institute of Mental Health (Burning)" from Nadir's Big Chance which both MES and Lydon cited as influences." 
There is a Spalding Street in Leicester which is half a mile from Leicester Royal Infirmary; The Fall played at Leicester Polytechnic on 19 November 1983; however, any connection between these facts and the Spalding Street mentioned in the song would seem fanciful, especially given that the group were not active in the studio at this particular time.

The term "Medical Acceptance Gate" doesn't seem to be a term in general use and so we must presume that MES invented it.
This track has never been played live.

Musically and lyrically this song seems in many ways to be a cousin of a ghost story like "Spectre vs. Rector," or a horror story like "Impression of J. Temperance". The "thing" thay clings to the gate is clearly a ghost or some kind of supernatural being, perhaps a demon; it is never made clear what it wants, or why it haunts a medical establishment, 

2. The National Health Service is Britain's public healthcare system.  
3. EC1 is a postal district in London.  
4. He says something like "inducticements."

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  • 1. Martin | 24/03/2016
"Liquid pitch" appears to be a synonym for pine tar, which is a:

"substance obtained by the destructive distillation of the wood of Pinus palustris and other species of Pinus; used internally as an expectorant and externally in the treatment of skin diseases"

The use of the term "MD" to mean doctor seems to me an American usage. Brix, maybe?

I'm aware that what I'm about to post has little import, but I like this song a lot and would like to know more about its lyrics, so something is something, I suppose.

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