You Don't Turn Me On



Another day stuck here with you
Bored with you baby
and don't know what to do
Your beard don't hide
your ugly mind
I'm going down town
See what I can find, 'cos

You just don't turn me on
You can't tell right from wrong
You just don't turn me on


1. This is only known to have been performed once, at Huddersfield Polytechnic (West Yorkshire). It was written by Martin Bramah and Una Baines, with the former supplying the music and the latter the lyrics. The lyrics above were provided to Reformation by Baines, who said "It makes me laugh now. That was a very young me with attitude and not about anyone in particular but a pop at the prog rock brigade who were very up themselves."


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  • 1. dannyno | 27/12/2022
Also played at Band on the Wall, Manchester, 13 November 1977, and included on the Cherry Red 1970s box set (disc 6).

Recent revelations from the Omega Auctions sales of MES' paperwork also show it was played as follows:

NW Arts, Manchester, 13 June 1977
Squat Club, Manchester, 18 June 1977
NE London Poly, 25 June 1977
Vortex, London, 4 July 1977
Rafters, Manchester, 4 August 1977

Which brings the number of known and documented performances to 7.
Mark Oliver
  • 2. Mark Oliver | 26/08/2023
Nothing to do with this song, or The Fall, but the mention of Huddersfield Polytechnic reminds me of the one time I went there, in September 1973, specifically to record (on a crappy battery-operated portable cassette player) the awesome live show of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band... anyone know if MES dug SAHB?

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