Underground Medecin



(Your nervous system, your nervous system)
(Underground medicine, underground medicine)

A spark inside
[Traverse up my hide]
And when it clicks
There's no resist

Every time I hear a new baby cry
I thank my spark inside

And you get underground medicine
Underground medicine
I'm but a nervous system
Underground medicine

I found a reason not to die
A reason for the ride
The spark inside
When it hits the mind you get
Underground medicine
Underground medicine
I'm but a nervous system
Underground medicine

I had a psychosomatic voice
And one time it might come back

Underground medicine
Underground medicine
I'm but a nervous system
Underground medicine

On my pants I spilled expectorant
And the colonel shot better with 30 pints
They took his cup away
Take it away, take it away
[Used to 'ground] medicine
[Used to 'ground] medicine
[Used to 'ground] medicine


1. This is a song that is often assumed to be about drugs, although it doesn't necessarily have to be. Like much of Live at the Witch Trials, the lyrics are terse and gnomic, and admit of various interpretations.  ^

Comments (6)

  • 1. Martin | 16/02/2014
I had to look up the meaning of "expectorant". Evidently, according to wikipedia, it "is incorrectly extended to any cough medicine, since it is a universal component." Not sure if this adds in any way to our (non) understanding of the song!
  • 2. mal | 10/06/2014
I always heard that last part as Uster Graf medicine. Graf being a Germanic title of nobility, Uster being in Switzerland. I never thought it made much sense though.
  • 3. bzfgt | 15/06/2014
Shit, it's intriguing though, since the way it is now is definitely wrong and all the brackets are an eyesore on my site. The "colonel" could be German or Swiss or something...generally seems wiser to leave the wrong thing everyone's used to than change it to the more speculative probably wrong thing, something would have to tip the scales...
Max Williams
  • 4. Max Williams | 05/01/2015
I always thought the repeated bit at the end was "useful gram, medicine", which makes sense in the context of the song being about drugs, particularly speed.
  • 5. Martin | 29/03/2016
Possibly, just possibly, the line " the colonel shot better with 30 pints" could refer to the widespread belief among pubgoers in Britain who play darts or pool that alcohol makes them perform better, as the drink relaxes them. There are various references to pubs throughout Fall lyrics, so the idea I suggest above may not be completely fanciful.
  • 6. bzfgt | 14/05/2016
No, I thought something similar as this kind of belief is very widespread and not confined to Britain, although at the same time it could be firearms, or a play on both.

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