Victrola Time



Science hasn't recorded it yet...
And I don't wanna buy any johnnies (2)

I said MDMA years!
You can't feel, you can't feel Victrola
Victrola teller, Victrola teller (3)
From '28 from '16,
DMA years,
J-j-just stop
J-just can't
Just can't
Post meth and DMA years
The pre non-MDM and net years
The post meth MDMA years (4)
The pre- non- MDM and meth years
The post meth and also DMA years
The MDMA years
The pre- black eyes and tears of today years
The post-meth MDMA years
MDMA years...
Can't feel I could cry
The pre- black eyes and tears of today years


1. This song was originally an instrumental called "Damflicters," which was apparently recorded at the time of Ersatz G.B. It was reworked and released in its present form as "Victrola Time" on the single "Night of the Humerons," with a live version of "Taking Off" on the b-side, and subsequently appeared on Re-Mit

The initial single release was on Record Store Day, 2012, hence "Victrola Time" (thanks to harleyr for pointing this out).

Although Victrolas are sometimes erroneously associated with the old model stereos with a large external speaker horn, the latter are acutally Victors; the Victrola was designed with an internal horn, concealed within the cabinet, as this was thought to be a more visually appealing design that would harmoniously fit in with the other furniture in a home. Thus, the name "Victrola" specifically indicates a stereo model that does not have an external horn. The first Victrolas were made in 1906, and RCA continued the line, in one form or another, until the early 1970s.

"Victrola Time" features MES hitting a glass with a spoon to produce a distinctive bell-like sound.

"Pre-MDMA Years," also on Re-Mit, shares some of its lyrics with this song.


2. "Johnny" is a reasonably common slang term for condoms in the British isles, perhaps deriving from "John Thomas," a slang term for the penis (in the USA the perhaps-related "Johnson" is more common), presumably starting out as a "rubber johnny" before being shortened to "johnny" simpliciter.  This is unlikely to be the intended meaning above.

A more likely candidate is Gabapentin (the most common brand name of which is Neurontin), an anti-epilepsy drug with psychoactive properties that are reportedly rather mild, but pronounced enough to make "johnnies" a moderately popular commodity on the proverbial street. The effects of a few johnnies has been described as a less potent version of an MDMA trip, even having a mildly psychedelic component.

According to the extremely unreliable Urban Dictionary, "johnny" is a street name for Ritalin. Upon a moment's reflection, it should be obvious why this is difficult to corroborate via Google--imagine how many headlines read "Why is Johnny on Ritalin?" or something of that sort. If the nomenclature is genuine, on the other hand, it may be derived from such headlines and stories.

"Johnny Go Fast," on the other hand, seems to be one of the many slang terms that has been used for speed in general, and, although unlikely, it is possible that it has been shortened, or that MES is shortening it, to "johnnies." Finally, the word can also refer to delerium tremens, as in "I've got the johnnies." 

The most likely theory seems to me to be Gabapentin.


3. Teller means plate or disk in German, and MES, who loves to mangle the language (or any language, really), could possibly be using it to make reference to a record, although it wouldn't be idiomatic. On the other hand, according to Steve, "Teller (plates, dishes) is also a german slang term for dilated pupils under the influence of drugs, especially LSD and MDMA."


4. MDMA stands for 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, the chemical name for the empathogen commonly known as "ecstasy" or, in powdered form, "molly."




Comments (12)

  • 1. harleyr | 04/07/2013
The Night of the Humerons single was released on Record (Store) Day... hence Victrola Time.
  • 2. Zack | 06/03/2017
'"Victrola Time" features MES hitting a glass with a spoon to produce a distinctive bell-like sound.'

Do we know for certain that's what that sound is, or is this just speculation?
  • 3. bzfgt (link) | 19/03/2017
Zack, I did not make it up but I no longer remember where he said this. It actually smacks of the kind of thing a journalist may have said rather than MES, in fact, and I can't swear that's not the case. But I know I got it from a source like that and not from a FOF-er or something, i.e. someone presenting it as fact.
  • 4. dannyno | 20/03/2017
Reformation! has the specific statement that,

MES plays the glass hit with teaspoon which he smashed immediately after the first take

But that's unsourced too. The suspicion would be that Ding is the source.
  • 5. dannyno | 20/03/2017
And there's this 2015 post on the FOF by avsp:

Does the what sounds to me like an ansaphone message followed by a wine glass or bottle being struck several times at the end of Re-Mit's 'Victrola Time' count?
  • 6. dannyno | 20/03/2017
Maybe it's in this interview with Ding:

Haven't listened to it yet.
  • 7. Martin | 24/03/2017
I listened and there's no mention of it.
  • 8. Steve | 03/06/2018
"Teller" (plates, dishes) is also a german slang term for dilated pupils under the influence of drugs, especially lsd and mdma btw
Brian Scranage
  • 9. Brian Scranage | 08/06/2019

Victor discontinues the too-expensive Victrola XVIII, and replaces it with the more reasonable ($250.00) Victrola XVII.


The Credenza is replaced with the slightly smaller VV 8-35. The popularity of electrically amplified radio/phonographs is sharply reducing sales of acoustic models.

More on the history of Victrola and the Victor Talking Machine Company here:
  • 10. jensotto | 24/11/2019
Lyrics reminds og Alexander Shulgins books, or development of certain scenes.

Title: BBC Genome has one result for Victrola - 20 May 1962. Looking around we find the last mention of "Fra Lippo Lippi" on Third Programme. A poem by R.Browning, and a Norwegian band relasing albums from 1981 on.
Xyralothep's cat
  • 11. Xyralothep's cat | 05/05/2020
May I suggest the opening is;

Science hasn't recorded-ed it, at all
Why no Benny, Jellies? (i.e. Benzedrine and Temazepam)

and the next line;

"post-net MDMA years" not "I said...."
  • 12. bzfgt (link) | 14/06/2020
Huh....I don't know about "at all" but I see where you're getting it. "Benny, jellies" I'm kind of inclined toward jellies at least; I can hear "post-net" too, I'd like others to weigh in, I don't trust my ears and I can hear yours but I'm not confident it's wrong yet

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