I African Mancunian



It's on approach

I Mancunian

...alabaster, green...

This is the construction...

I Mancunian
I Manichaen
I'm a Nietzchean 



1. This track, recorded in 1987, first saw the light of day on Beggar's Banquet's 2013 box set 5 Albums. I hope to get more of the lyrics deciphered soon. 


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  • 1. Martin | 10/05/2014
I'm rubbish at lyrics deciphering, but is there something along the lines of "all people who left out become"? And then maybe "torso" and "bear with me"?

After, continuing with the snatches, I hear something like the word "contempt", "young plants surrounding", "...'s head...penultimate...My system is fantastic and absolute..."

Probably none of the above bears any resemblance to the real lyrics, but I often find that wrong assumptions/guesses often lead to the right answer...in the end!
  • 2. dannyno | 07/08/2014
Worth noting, in connection with the "I African Mancunian" title, that Manchester was host in 1945 to a significant conference of the Pan-African Congress. It was attended by people like William Du Bois, Kwame Nkrumah, Hastings Banda and Jomo Kenyatta. The key contact in Manchester was T.R.Makonnen, who had been in the city since the late 1930s owned a restaurant on Oxford Road - significant in getting around discrimination by providing jobs, a meeting place etc. It was a centre for US troops stationed there too, especially black American servicemen. He had links with the local council and was able to book rooms around the city too. He employed Kenyatta at one point.

Another link is to Saint Augustine, who was born in Algeria to Christian parents but who became a convert to Manichaeanism for a decade before returning to Christianity.

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