Recipe for Fascism


This is an attempt at a worthwhile tape (1)
The cad, he... The cad, he...
He no longer denies or hides his enfondness for mech.
What is unequalled
Unsure, he writhes
Built up to twelve [therm?]
Burnt at the crease...
The little he'd learned was of no concern
To topics of condition to me
All virtue of permeation
Fine tuning Fine tuning


1. Well, he's asking for it with this line, isn't he? According to one report I have found, his was originally slated to the the title track of the album that came to be called Levitate, but it was subsequently dropped from the album, and its the kind of track (like "Unutterable" and W.M.C.--Blob 59 ) that, if it is to make sense at all, can only do so by playing a role in the context of an album. As a non-album track, on the other hand, it is just an oddity.


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