Victoria Train Station Massacre



We had no residence
We had no reservation
We had no pre-book
I crave drama
I crave drama
Victoria Station
We had no...
(reversed segment)
We had no reservation
I crave drama
(end of reversed segment)



1. From Clash:

"One immediate talking point is the track 'Victoria Train Station Massacre,' which eerily echoes the suicide bombing in Manchester last week [5/22/2017, at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena].

A source at Cherry Red confirmed to Clash that the 'the track is nothing to do with the events last week, but it is an unfortunate coincidence. The track was recorded and the artwork sent off for manufacture long before the terrible events in Manchester.'"


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  • 1. dannyno | 30/08/2017
From the FOF thread about MES's interview with Fergal Kinney, published in Louder Than War #11, Aug/Sept 2017.

[interviewer:]A press officer made clear to me that the track had been titled long before the tragic events that took place at the station's sister building, the Arena, though Mark was unhappy with this having been pointed out, confirming he was asked if he wanted the title changed.

[MES:] "I said it's not your fucking job and he was disgusted with me! I just said 'Victoria Butterfly' then, 'Butterfly Suitcase', you shouldn't have to deal with it, and that is the problem nowadays - you spend more time getting things back to what they were."


"I've always liked Victoria, I used to have a lot of mates in Leeds and Wakefield, I'm not an architectural buff but I noticed them start pissing around with it. Then just suddenly that was the thing that kicked it off You know what that's about? It's access to students from South Manchester So that's why they changed it. I used to have to sit in Victoria train station in the 80s with shit cafes, shit football, but you could look at it and think that is intricate, where now this is false, And Manchester council fucking painted over it. They ripped it out and replaced it with like an outdoor tent."
  • 2. Martin | 04/09/2017
Bob Osborne, who lives in the Manchester area, disputes some of what MES says above:

"I love the way Smith rewrites history was eleven months ago [writing in August 2017; I'm not sure when the MES interview was held] and .it's not a canvas canopy, it's some form of transparent plastic, two panels fell off during a torrential rainstorm and two people were injured - - it looked perfectly fine yesterday when I was there."

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