Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s



Relevant in your leisure...
Jet lag...
Composite set year
The green jelly
Green jelly...  (2)

No, nevermore (3)
Cab drivers
Are droopy
Same quality
Next, they jet
Upwardly B.T. rises

His grin is elf
Makes 10 copies
To his mother spouts
She tortures him in big house
Don't forget that
Look at me, kids
Is irrelevant to your latent sex
and shock your lizard

(Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho) (4)

And your lookalikey tears is relevant in your
His grin is elf
Makes 10 copies
His blonde mother spouts
Tortures him in his big house

Get rid, you need more sackings
Order up his toast
His grin is elf
And makes 10 copies
His blonde mother spouts
Tortures him, in big house
Says we need more seconds
(Eagles of Death Metal)  (5)
His grin is elf
Aids joke
CD Antipodian, upside down
Percussionist rests
Grin is elf
Percussionist retched
She yells, at every morn,
(message:) Get a job!

Daydream: gargoyles and drummers, a cuddly message
Get a job


The works down in every town
He's a nice man to have around,
He implodes on shelf, with someone else,
He's elf 
But just watch him
He is
He's raised elf on shelf (6)

Like the 15 marrows that your votes
With Gene Kelly
Say through the clotted breath
And the clouds of synthetic and overpriced middle-men

Couples vs. must stay jobless
King of couples and closures
Must stay jobless
King of closures,
Couples vs. jobless

Couple 30-ish

vs. jobless


1. All very speculative--this will be amended

Tempertantrum on the Fall online forum suggests that the last few seconds are a quote of the beginning of "Decades" by Joy Division. It seems possible this is a coincidence.


2. TheorySwine on the Fall online forum:

Here's what I think the green jelly reference in Couples... might allude to. 

(i) - Smith is reminding us of the faux-metal 3 Little Pigs by Green Jelly of some years back, a tune that was a deliberate pastiche and maybe the style MES was aiming for in his musical homage to that song. So, a piss-take of a piss-take, and nothing more.

(ii) - He's commenting on his medical ailment. Perhaps he excreted some green jellyish substance from some orifice. I'm not taking the mickey - I once coughed up a phlegm-ball of perfect circular proportions and repulsive texture/appearance/size that it had me straight down the doctor's. I can only speculate that maybe he has passed something he'd rather not have.

(iii) - He had some nice green jelly for pudding.


3. It's hard to hear this word in a lyric without thinking of Poe's "The Raven." It's hard to go any further with this thought, however.


4. The backing vocals here seem to quote "Heigh Ho," from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (thanks be to gizmoman).


5. Eagles of Death Metal are an American rock band. These two passages in the backing vocals appear in condensed form in the lyrics of "Fol de Rol" as "Heigh Ho metal!"


6. This may well be a reference to what Ted calls "the recent obnoxious Christmas tradition of having a stuffed elf on a shelf somewhere in the house to essentially report back to Santa on who's been naughty or nice. Based on a 2005 kids book, you could see it as a way to introduce the young'uns to a surveillance society.


Comments (20)

  • 1. bzfgt (link) | 11/08/2017
OK this is the most incomprehensible vocal yet
  • 2. gizmoman | 07/10/2017
The "HI Ho" backing vocals are of course a reference to Disney's Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, the Dwarfs sing "Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work we go", they are singing "Hi Ho" in this song to taunt the poor jobless.
  • 3. bzfgt (link) | 18/11/2017
Yes, there is always something where once someone points it out I think, "Well. of course!" That you have be right about.

Isn't there "hey-ho" or something close to "hi ho" in another one of these? Now I can't remember, but I'm putting the album on now...
  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 18/11/2017
OK, Fol de Rol.
  • 5. bzfgt (link) | 18/11/2017
Crap, there is a hitch though--In don't hear anyone saying "Hi Ho!"
  • 6. bzfgt (link) | 18/11/2017
You must be thinking of Fol de Rol...
  • 7. gizmoman | 27/11/2017
No the "Hi Ho" is in "Jobless" The backing vocals start at 2 minutes 40 seconds in, they are very clear.
  • 8. bzfgt (link) | 02/12/2017
OK I can kind of hear it now you say that but to me it's far from "very clear," and I'm not sure that's what they're saying! Can we get more ears on this matter and confirm what is probably the case, that I'm half-deaf and gizmoman is right?
DP Mnculty
  • 9. DP Mnculty | 23/12/2017
listening to it now. Incomprehensible
  • 10. gizmoman | 29/12/2017
Maybe you have to be familiar with the original song, it's taken from the start of the heigh ho section of this medley, at 1min 20 secs.

This record was played regularly on british radio well into the 70's on such programs as junior choice, the younger members of the current band may not know it well but Mark certainly will, i'm not 100% sure on all Fall lyrics and references but i'm 100% sure on this one, listen again!
  • 11. Ted (link) | 08/01/2018
Could "elf on shelf" be a reference to the recent obnoxious Christmas tradition of having a stuffed elf on a shelf somewhere in the house to essentially report back to Santa on who's been naughty or nice. Based on a 2005 kids book, you could see it as a way to introduce the young'uns to a surveillance society.
Ben C
  • 12. Ben C | 30/01/2018
This song make me think of that
Another pre-cog song?
  • 13. dannyno | 01/02/2018
"Another" pre-cog song?! Heh, sorry, skeptic here.

Anyway, yes, what makes you think of the Turpin Case, in particular?
  • 14. bzfgt (link) | 10/02/2018
Ted, I absolutely think "Elf on a Shelf" is a reference, I am amazed that I never put a note in as that is actually familiar to me and I always think of it here.
  • 15. bzfgt (link) | 10/02/2018
Gizmo, I know the original song quite well, I'm just having trouble hearing it on this one.
  • 16. bzfgt (link) | 10/02/2018
OK giz your "100 percent" is giving me a bad conscience. Can someone else please weigh in on this and maybe even settle the matter? I am still in DP McNulty's camp, alas...
  • 17. bzfgt (link) | 10/02/2018
OK maybe it's the power of suggestion but I do hear "Hi Ho" now, when concentrating. I am putting it in at least until someone objects.
  • 18. bzfgt (link) | 10/02/2018
OK but what else are the backing vocals saying? I can't make out the words or whether they're from the Disney song.
  • 19. Grimo | 17/02/2018
1 His grin is L.../ His grin is Elf
2 (Shelf - sh = Elf. SH = Stephen Hanley?)
3 Eagles of Death Metal ... (backing vocals)
4 ... CD. Antipodian. Upside down.
5 Starving, She yells...
6 He works/writes down. In every town. Hes a nice man to have around
7 His grin is elf on shelf
  • 20. bzfgt (link) | 19/02/2018
I didn't find where all of that goes but some of it seems more accurate than we had.

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