Cold, you can't control
Cole, you can't control
[computer voice: Light up a cigarette, cos it might be your last]

Cold, you can't control
Cold, you can't control 
[computer voice: Light up a cigarette, cos it might be your last] 

Fireworks, darkness
Cascading with fireworks.
Fireworks, can't read it
Fireworks, can't fathom it
Coming up to the dawn here
What are those burnt embers
It's fireworks, smouldering
It's fireworks
Cascading in the sky at,
From 8 till 5 the morning
Fear cracked
Fear cracked
Splitting Chinese sky open
Chinese sky at night
Exploding trees at night
Over rivers and bridges
Fear craft


1. One of the Fall's more experimental weird-out tracks, this has a bit of the Fall record "The Legend of Xanadu" in it, which is a cover of the 1968 hit by, believe it or not, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.  


Comments (5)

  • 1. dannyno | 25/02/2014
Missing line after "Fear craft"...

  • 2. MerelyGifted (link) | 08/03/2015
The late great lead singer/songwriter of the Brazilian group Nacao Zumbi, Chico Science used a sample from this song - even live. It's at the beginning of Rios, Pontes e Overdrives, which is a very Fall-like song. The lyrics are obscure poetics ("Impressionist mud sculptures" ferinstance), and the song is mighty repetitive.
  • 3. Synod | 18/04/2019
The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to about the early 9th-century medieval Chinese Tang Dynasty.
  • 4. Jonny | 14/04/2021
The bit where it changes I to the spoken 'fireworks' section sound like it uses the same warped recording that's used near the beginning of Symbol of Mordgan
  • 5. Bert | 10/04/2022
I always heard “Fear craft/fear cracked” as “Feuerkraft”, which is German for “firepower”. Wouldn’t be the first time MES has used German lyrics…

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