Cosmos 7


Ersatz GB:

Cosmos (1)

Sail the seas

and makes your hair silver
H. Co. CO2 (2)
Rat's head!

Cosmos Four awaits (3)
Cosmos 7
A mythical European lifestyle
Sharp brains
Cosmos 7
Cosmos 11 (4)
Cosmos rat's head

Four eyes, this is coming
Russian in the back

Single Version:  (5)

O2 always meant well (6)
Cosmos 7
With five eyes
With green false green sprocket head of O2's 
And Cosmos 4 and 5 (7)
Missed Little Grunwald (8)
Little Grunwald repent
Cosmos 7
Fury of Cosmos 7
Reptilian mythical
Sea trembles
Cosmos 7
Cosmos awake
See literal
Mythical stylo to you
In fountains
In pig in green isle
O2 prison
Cosmos 7
Cosmos awake!
Cosmos 7
Cosmos awake!
Smoke awakes!
Smoke awakes!



1. The lyrics for the Ersatz version are largely a matter of speculation in places; thanks are due to the good people at the Fall online forum for trying to get this down. The lyrics for the single version seem a bit more likely to be accurate. The first word here may not actually be "cosmos"; some people say they hear "Valis" here. Valis (an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System) is an extraterrestrial intelligence, perhaps divine, that Philip K. DIck believed himself to be in communication with, inspiring hundreds of pages of notes (published in somewhat redacted form as the Exegesis) and the novel Valis.

Kosmos 7 is the name of a Soviet reconnaissance satellite that was launched in 1962 and orbited the Earth for four days. It was the seventh satellite in the Kosmos series, and the second reconnaissance satellite to be successfully launched. Most of the Soviet and, post-USSR, Russian satellites have been called "Kosmos"; as of 2010, according to Wikipedia, 2,468 Kosmos satellites had been launched. "Kosmos," which means, as might be expected, "cosmos," is a name given only to Soviet/Russian satellites which are placed into orbit around the Earth.  

According to Dan, "Cosmos Seven" is the title of a 1998 anthology of poems by the Australian writer Edwin Wilson. On the other hand, there's no actual evidence of a connection."


2. H. is Hydrogen, and C02 is carbon dioxide. "Co" could be MES sounding out "C0," as he often sounds out acronyms and abbreviations. In a process requiring high pressure, Hydrogen and carbon dioxide can be combined to methanol, which can be used for fuel. On the other hand, "O2" appears to be a character in the single version.  


3. Kosmos 4 was the first reconnaissance satellite in the Kosmos series that was successfully launched by the USSR (Kosmos 7 was the second). As with Kosmos 7, its mission lasted for four days in 1962.  


4. Kosmos 11 was a demonstration satellite launched for military purposes. The connection between the lyrics and the Soviet satellites bearing similar names should be regarded as a loose one, of course.   


5. Apart from "Cosmos 7," there is little lyrical overlap between the two versions.


6. Zack points out that London's 02 Arena looks like a satellite, and Sputnik in particular.


7. Kosmos 5, unlike 4, 7, and 11, was employed for collecting scientific data.  


8. Fit and Working Again points out the 02 arena is in Greenwich, and "Grunwald/Gruenwald" is likewise a place name meaning "green forest"...also C02 (see note 2) is a gas emitted by trees and green plants...who the hell knows, but take a bunch of drugs and think about it for a while and then you can post your conclusions below.



Comments (7)

  • 1. dannyno | 08/05/2016
"Cosmos Seven" is the title of a 1998 anthology of poems by the Australian writer Edwin Wilson. On the other hand, there's no actual evidence of a connection.
  • 2. Zack | 06/12/2016
Re: "O2" -

London's O2 Arena does look a bit like a Soviet satellite, particularly Sputnik 1.
Fit and Working Again
  • 3. Fit and Working Again | 02/05/2018
The 02 arena is in Greenwich and the single mentions Grunwald, two green places, could be some link?
  • 4. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
Yeah "Greenwald"= green forest, "wich" is just a generic place name meaning town (like "-ton") I think? A quick google suggests "harbor" or "settlement"
  • 5. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
Green wald of course hybrid
  • 6. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
Oh I see it's Grunwold or Grunwald/Gruenwald
  • 7. bzfgt (link) | 09/07/2018
Sorry it's 3:30 am

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