Sleep Debt Snatches



Out of the air sometimes in fitful sleep
Snap right up, lean out of the bed
Pivot your legs, shake your head,
Take an easy breath.

Think how great God's golden assurance is
In set-backs and great success
Got bad dreams through sleep debt
Hold the grip, make a mark on your head,
Your body and legs take a rightful rest
While you're left to Hell's dispatches
Grip the mind, kids, close the hatches
Here are some sleep debt snatches....


1. The lyrics, sung over a basic rock riff, are out of the way in less than a minute, and then we get some weirdie stuff. "Sleep debt" is a term for the cumulative effect of sleep deprivation.


Comments (6)

  • 1. Martin | 30/01/2014
The term "sleep debt" does exist. It's also know as "sleep deficit".
  • 2. bzfgt | 15/02/2014
Wow, you're right! I never knew that; I thought it was a pun on "sleep dep."
Paul Stanway
  • 3. Paul Stanway | 19/05/2020
Actually, he sings "sleep death snatches" at the end of the verse.
  • 4. Chris | 21/05/2020
@bzfgt What is a "sleep dep" that you thought could be made a pun of?
  • 5. bzfgt (link) | 14/06/2020
3: it seems inconclusive though

4: it's an abbreviation of "sleep deprivation"
  • 6. Jim | 25/09/2022
Has anyone worked out what's being muttered after the song changes? I can only make out a few words (for example I noticed something being said underneath around 4:08. I think I heard something about mountains mentioned).

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