Pop Stickers



(This one's good for a laugh...)

We like pop-stick stickers
We like weak tea
We eat pop piggies 



We like pop stickers 
We like weak tea

Why are you laughing
Why are you smiling
At or with this song
It's not like your scene


No matter how bad it is
Little plastic (animal)

They are ...

We like weak tea

Let's get this thing together 
Now, come on, ...let's get this thing together
And make it (bad/better)...


1. This song from 1979 was later plundered for many of the lyrics of "Choc-Stock," which took its music not from "Pop Stickers" but from a song by Staff 9, the band Scanlon and Hanley played in prior to joining the Fall. 


Comments (2)

  • 1. Martin | 12/02/2014
Popsicles was "a trademark name registered by Frank Epperson of Oakland, Calif., presumably from (lolly)pop + (ic)icle." (1923). Odd that this word is used in the song instead of the more normal British English "ice lolly". Unless, of course, the term was also being used in England at the time the song was written.
  • 2. dannyno | 26/06/2015
Popsicles were known in late 1970s Britain. For example, I found an advert for a retailer called "Freezer Fare" in the Daily Mail of 28 May 1977, which promoted Popsicle ice lollies for 65p per pack of 12.

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